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Highly experienced Lawyer and Notary offering Notary Public Services in Leicester

Notaries are fully legally qualified with most also being practising solicitors. All Notaries must qualify beyond the academic level of a solicitor.

Arriving in England with the Romans, Notaries have been practising throughout Europe ever since.

The primary function of a Notary is to act independently and to verify and to testify as to facts which carry legal implications. Generally, this involves the Notary preparing and/or witnessing documents for use in a foreign jurisdiction. This differs from the work of a solicitor, who only has jurisdiction within England and Wales.

As an experienced Notary, I can help with:

  • Sponsoring applicants for Visas for entry into the UK
  • Preparing and/or swearing of Affidavits for many uses e.g. Lost Passports, Court Cases, Name Verification
  • Powers of Attorney which can be used to appoint someone to act for you in numerous different circumstances in foreign countries when you are unable to go personally
  • Witnessing signatures and verifying identities
  • Certifying originals or copies of original documents
  • Attending to documents for use in foreign property transactions
  • Company matters e.g. Agency and Contract dealings abroad. Cross border transactions. Verification of Company Standing
  • Witnessing Patent Assignments
  • IN FACT any documents which require to be used in a foreign country but require authentication/validation here by a notary

Companies and Business Services

I currently work with a number of businesses throughout Leicestershire, including Wolsey, Taylor Hobson Joules and Astra Zeneca.

If you have dealings with foreign countries, whether it be as customer, supplier or have a subsidiary or partner abroad, the chances are that one day you will need the services of a Notary. Typically the services available include: Witnessing a Director’s or appointed representative’s signature on documents eg:

  • Powers of Attorney and third party authorisations
  • Agency agreements
  • Tenders
  • Contracts
  • Patent assignments
  • Bank paperwork
  • Tax or VAT documents

For more information on the services I can provide for your business, please click here.


India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

I have vast experience in providing documents for use in these countries. The requirements of these countries vary in detail but all are happy receive documents in English, produced here, so long as they conform to certain formalities. If you require translation into the local language this can be arranged, however, this is rarely needed. Sometimes an interpreter may be required and again this can be arranged.

The most common type of document required is for Powers of Attorney. To find out more about the particular requirements and essential elements required, please click here.


To discuss your requirements or to book an appointment, call today on 0116 210 8731

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